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Luc Betton is a French countertenor and stage actor, whose art is situated on the meeting of an actor’s voice and a singer’s body. Throughout his performance career he has dedicated himself to the work of allying his two passions: the stage and music. 

Born in France of an Andalusian family, Luc studied in Paris at the academy, first learning  the piano, cello, organ and dramatic arts and then lyric singing with Robert Expert. Since then, he performs regularly in opera and theater in the classic and contemporary genres. 

He has worked with such renowned stage directors as Philippe Calvario, Jean-François Sivadier, Jean-Luc Paliès, Vinciane Regattieri, Christophe Luthringer, Valérie Bodson, Claude Mangen... 

In 2015 he is working on a concerto by the composer John Supko--"The imitation of the sleep"--for guitar, countertenor and orchestra. He is "the fool" on the opera creation Golden Lily in Aix en Provence festival. Furthermore, he teaches a master class on Shakespeare the Drama School of Pékin and sings with the musicians of Orchestre de Chambre de Paris. 

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